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What is SMART Dog Park?

So, you want to be part of better dog parks, but you need help figuring out where to start.

Your community, your economy, and your dogs deserve a better dog park – one built and managed with the support and resources of the SMART Dog Park ecosystem.

The future of dog parks is safe, enriching, and friendly. Imagine environments for canine family members to exercise, socialize, and enjoy inclusion – as they bring us...together.  

To do that, you need to imagine an experience, design it, and make it uniquely your own.

Unleashing dog park potential takes a lot of time, effort, and expertise (that can be hard to find). You may feel frozen, afraid to make costly decisions, or that you’ll miss revenue opportunities that will allow you to bring your amazing vision to life. The potential for good and bad outcomes drives a need for a smarter approach

That's why we created SMART Dog Park, the first and only online destination that combines collaboration, learning, and access to experts with resources and a marketplace to help you plan, design, and create your dream dog park. All of this under one “ROOF” makes the process simple, easy, and fun. 

This platform is dedicated to helping YOU – businesses, municipalities, and foundations, as well as private entities & community champions. With SMART Dog Park, you’ll find much needed expertise & resources for off-leash dog play areas.

In addition to SMART Dog Park's wealth of knowledge, the platform also offers features like

  • certification,
  • mini courses,
  • product innovation spotlights,
  • team training,
  • marketing support,
  • group learning,
  • and collaborative projects create an engaging and valuable environment.
  • Alerts about grants and funding,
  • exclusive discounts, and
  • one-on-one access to me - the internationally recognized #DogFriendlyExpert®

These features add immense value to being a student, member, sponsor, or partner. 

My years of experience in reimagining livability and vibrancy gives me a unique perspective on how to create the right dog park environment. Better for dogs. Better for business. Better for communities.  

You need a guide that gets you. Someone you can trust with your vision and budget. SMART Dog Park is a partner that can help you navigate the entire process from start to finish and supports you as your dog park evolves and improves. 

Building a dog park can be stressful, but now we know that there’s a better way: SMART Dog Park.

  • Become a dog park guru,
  • get access to resources,
  • connect with an array of experts, or
  • be more involved in your community’s steps toward authentic dog friendliness. 

This solution to better dog parks is the perfect place – the SMART place – for you!  

Download your SMART Dog Park Spark Bundle and start you journey today.

Video: The Future of Dog Parks

Watch this engaging and inspiring presentation by SMART Dog Park creator, Beth Miller. Learn how dog parks started, where they stand right now, and where they are headed in the future.

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Learn how to minimize the risk of bad experiences in dog play areas. Keep employees, volunteers, vendors, and users safer with pro tips.


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Learn with students who are a part of your member network. Connections to other SMART students and graduates to collaborate, share ideas, and innovate.

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Become a dog play guru in your industry or community.

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Access to one-on-one appointments with subject matter experts - including SMART Dog Park Founder, Beth Miller, the #DogFriendlyExpert.

SMART showcase gives with members-only offers, product introductions, competitions, and sharing.

NOTE: The information available here is professional opinion based on years of research and subject to interpretation. The organization providing this information cannot be held liable for it in any manner. 

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